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Our Rules

1. All members are required to be aged 18+ younger for members family and must subscribe to the TSR website and regularly check the members forum. This is where important announcements, such as match details and clan news, are made.

2. All members must wear the =TSR= clan tags whilst playing on public and match servers. Recruits will suffix their name with a ‘*’ until such time that they are full members.

3. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Show respect to each other or else do not expect to be respected by your fellow clan mates.

4. If you have an issue with another clan member, please address it privately to a head admin. Normally things can always be worked out. Sometimes it's a better to agree to disagree.

5. Do not disrespect members or visitors in our servers. If you have an issue bring it to an Admin’s attention. Do not take things in your own hands.

6. Do not slander another clan. This only causes deeper issues and displays immaturity.

7. Do not be in more than one clan. If you are caught wearing another clan tag you will be immediately removed from TSR.

8. If you agree/sign up to attend a practice or match, you must attend or give at least 24hrs prior notice to an admin or match leader.

9. Cheating/hacking is not tolerated! If you are caught cheating/hacking you will bring shame to yourself and your fellow clanmates. Being caught cheating/hacking will result in immediate removal from the clan.

10. If you suspect a member or player of cheating/hacking, never openly accuse them. Bring it to a Admin’s or match leader’s attention.

11. If you have been granted Admin rights you are privileged and expected to monitor the servers with maturity and maintain our reputation.

12. All clan members will refrain from using profanity and/or insulting behavior whilst on public or match servers. Banter on teamspeak is fine as you are amongst friends, but keep it clean in the servers!

13. Each player accepted onto TSR as a full member for the purpose of playing official matches is expected to contribute toward the clan running cost, ie: clan website and teamspeak server. The current contribution is £1 per member per month.

14. Have fun, be yourself and make friends, what could be easier?!

Guidelines for Scrims:
1. Please play from beginning of the scrim to the end.
2. No unnecessary chit chat during scrim time, only speak of the current game at hand.
3. Teamspeak 3 for communication
4. No distractions, Take care of your business before we start the match.
5. 100% Effort.
6. "TRY" to have your PC in good shape with no Anti Virus scans in the middle of a game.
7. Be a good sport, win,lose or draw.
8. Teams will be picked 1/2 hour before scrim without questions it will be done fairly.
9. If you think you will benefit the team as an ADMIN then speak up and Volunteer.

The Silent Rangers is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.


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