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Game buys multiplay
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Mar 2015

Retailer GAME has acquired gaming services company Multiplay - which is best known for its Insomnia PC gaming consumer LAN/eSports events.

The deal has been priced at £20m, the initial £12.6m payment of which is coming directly from GAME’s existing cash. The company says the move will help expand its community events and eSports program, as well as increase its digital PC games footprint.

Last year Insomnia was attended by over 67,000 people. The show combines competitive gaming, a retail expo and gathers together many big-name YouTube stars. In the past the expo has featured a host of PC vendors like Cooler Master and system builders such as YoYoTech and Overclockers.

Multiplay founder and CEO Craig Fletcher will remain in charge, reporting to GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs. The company does not expect to shed any jobs as a result of the news.


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