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TSR @ i51
=TSR= Simo 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Apr 2014
TSR @ i51

Manfat - Nice1ads - Nighty - Pezza - Simo

Nighty playing pre beta Transformers universe

Pezza dreaming about owning an xbox one, And a huge finger in his ass :s

Manfat and nice1ads trying out a some cool controllers adapted for disabled people

nice1ads with a big guy in a green tshirt and a little guy in a green tshirt

Then it all went down hill from there LOL Those poor animals.

A man from scan computers skull fucked Nice1ads before sucking manfat off.

A great day had by all and a shame more members couldnt make it. I was only able to visit for the day but next time i will be taking my PC and staying the whole weekend.

22nd Apr 2014 =TSR= Nice1ads
How funny. great display. lol
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