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AMD R9 290X Benchmarked
=TSR= Simo 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Oct 2013
As you can see the new AMD R9 290X outperforms the GTX 780, but not the GTX Titan. In 3DMark Fire Strike the R9 290X scored 4605, which was as near as damn it same as the GTX Titan’s 4634 score.

However at launch the R9 290x is to be $300 cheaper then the Titan, i would expect only hardcore Nvidia fans would be willing the fork out the extra cash for a 1% advantage.

So the R9 290x isnt so much of a Titan killer as people thought in teams of performance but with the $300 price difference its going to give the Titan a good kicking.

19th Oct 2013 =TSR= TREBOR
but the drivers are 1000% better with NVidia so foook ati
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