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=TSR= Simo 14th Jan 2014

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X26 Anti-Cheat
The Euro Domination admins would like to introduce the new X26 Anti-Cheat. This anti cheat has come to our attention several months ago and has been developed since. The E-Dom Admin team has decided to use this anti cheat for the time being.

The Euro Domination admin team has created a very simple instruction guide to help you setup your account. You can view it here: View Instruction PDF.

Adding Unique ID
Before you can play matches, the ID has to be entered and accepted on Euro Domination.
In order to add the unique ID, you will need to have an account. Please review the instructions on how to find it.
You can then add the ID via the "My Game/UAC IDs" and then click on "Add a Game/UAC ID". Or you can use this link.
Please make sure you set the "Game" to "X26". Then please fill in the GUID line with your unique ID.

Please be aware that this anti cheat is currently still in beta. This means that the program may have some bugs or missing features. Please send any feedback to the Euro Domination admins. Then we can pass it on to the developers.

Mandatory Date
Due to the anti cheat being new, we will give everybody a maximum of 7 days to add the GUID to your Euro Domination profile. Once the date of 20th January 2014 on 23:59 GMT has passed, it will be mandatory.

Happy fragging !
The [E-Dom] Admin Team
=TSR= MaJeeKa 14th Jan 2014

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any fix for create account red bit
=TSR= Simo 16th Jan 2014

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Any members having trouble creating an X26 account where one of the boxes turns red please let me know which email you tried using.

Edom have asked for the email addresses of anyone having trouble, so they can try fixing the problem.
Rambo 16th Jan 2014

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were do you find you x26 ID to add to edom .

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=TSR= Simo 17th Jan 2014

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The use of X26 for edom matches has been placed on hold.

http://www.eurodomination ... iewtopic.php?t=13821
=TSR= TREBOR 18th Jan 2014

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installed thx

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