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Virgin Media may be doubling their UK broadband speeds

Current Package: 50Mbps [3Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 100Mbps (expected)

Current Package: 100Mbps [6Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 200Mbps (expected)

Current Package: 152Mbps [12Mbps Upload]
New Speed: 300Mbps (expected)

Speed Upgrade (T&C’s)

We will start the upgrade programme on 1 October which will offer a free upgrade to our base. This will roll out to 90% by the end of 2015 and the remaining will be completed in early 2016. As an area of the network is upgraded we will write to all of our customers in that area letting them know that their upgrade is ready and all they need to do to accept the upgrade is log on to their account online to confirm and we will then increase their speed.

By writing to them we are not forcing the upgrade upon them and if they want to stay as they are they can. If they decide not to take it at that time then the customer is able to log into their online account to take the upgrade at any time before the program is completed in 2016.
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