TSR2 Vs KKx2
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=TSR= Priest UK 20th Jun 2013

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Well played tonight guys good win, great tactics COMMS alot better but still could be alot better if that makes any sense lol, communicaton was better, we still need more work but as we all saw what an improvement we made with tactics so if this improves as well as COMMS who know we could be kicking TSR1's arse,and hopefully the win brings the morale of playing matches back up and put the excitement back into playing EDOM...
=TSR= Pezza 21st Jun 2013

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Yea good job guys, keep it up

Akayashi 21st Jun 2013

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=TSR= Simo 21st Jun 2013

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nice one guys, you should wipe the floor with gspot on yemen too
=TSR= TREBOR 21st Jun 2013

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well done guys/gals

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