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=TSR= Tatman 27th Jul 2013

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hi all,there has been a couple of issues this week most of them t/s generated and things now need to be made clearer.
all people wanting to be or think they are tsr members must pay £2 sub,s which r for one year,this amount is peanuts even if u r unemployed anyone whom thinks that this is not worth paying dont let us hold u back "LEAVE",but if u r someone who wants to come on t/s with us but not join the clan fine we have no probs with this either but there will be guidelines that u should know.1 u will have no rights on t/s to move channels or invite other people on here if u need moving just ask a tsr member im sure they will be glad to help u.2 if the tsr are having friendlys non members will not automatically play these either unless it has been ok.d by a admin,we have plenty of interclan games which u r more than welcome to play in.3 tsr paying members have priorority over all other players or guest,s..
as for what,s been going on in t/s this week things need addressing the trouble being what one person finds humour some one else might not,so i think abit of common sense by all is needed,good humour is part of clan life and makes it more intresting this should not involve peoples life style,there children or family,s that is theres leave it alone..
any music played in a channel that a game is in progress will be a automatic ban for how long ? will be decided by the admins.also any abuse to a tsr member on t/s will be a ban.
all games now being played will be in the channel for that game unless u understand that playing them while in the lobby is not gonna bother u?or other people?
any one applying to join tsr will be on 1 month,s trial period which will give both sides time to decide if this is the way they want to go..
hope this clears afew things up............
Frecker 28th Jul 2013

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=TSR= TREBOR 28th Jul 2013

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agreed tat

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