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=TSR= Simo 1st Jan 2014

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A few members are a little confused over the permissions in teamspeak, so heres how they work.

Server Admin, Red "S"
Have full control over everyone and everything in teamspeak.

Admin, Grey "S"
These are full clan members who have paid clan subs.

Move any members
Kick lower ranks from the server
Create and edit channels
set avatar, subscribe to channels
manage,upload,download files in the file browser

Clan, Grey "C"
Regular visitors to ts or members who havent paid subs.

Create temp channels, set avatar, subscribe to channels
upload,download files in the file browser

Guests, Grey "O"
Visitors to ts

subscribe to channels

If any member has the wrong rank assigned to them please contact one of the server admins who will correct this for you.

Thank you.
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