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=TSR= Simo 5th Feb 2014

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Steam Music beta started today for SteamOS and Big Picture mode, with a desktop interface to follow.

The first wave of participants has been invited to the Steam Music Beta!

We're happy to announce that anyone running SteamOS will automatically have access to the feature once they opt to participate in the Steam Client Beta (via System Settings.) Others may express interest in beta participation by joining the Steam Music group. Members will receive email invites in waves, until the feature is released to everyone.

We've received a number of questions about Steam Music since our announcement of the feature, so here's a round-up of information about Steam Music.
Why is Valve adding music features to its Steam client?
For years, customers have been asking us to provide a basic way for them to access and play music while in-game. Task-switching between resource-intensive 3D games and other desktop apps has never been a graceful experience for gamers, so an in-game player can help by eliminating that pain point.

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