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=TSR= Simo 15th Jan 2016

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Remix OS is an android OS that has been reworked for pc that includes a task bar and start button, it also has many windows features like drag and drop, multi windows and right clicking to open menus.

All you need is a pc that has usb boot option and a usb stick 8gb or more for your harddrive and you can put the usb stick in your pocket and take it with you to another pc taking all of your files and apps with you.

Ive tested it on an old pc i had rotting away in a cupboard, intel e2200 (2.2 dual core) cpu, 2gb ram, no gpu and apart from the initial setup stage which took about 3 minutes it ran very well.

So if like me you have some old hardware lying around why not bring it back to life, (as a juke box, trebor) with Remix OS, ... mixos-for-pc
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