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Premier Farnell Turns Raspberry Pi into a PC

UK tech manufacturer Premier Farnell has unveiled a new case for turning your Raspberry Pi into a desktop PC. Pi Desktop integrates SSD support, power and reboot switches, plus onboard connectivity to turn the Pi into a compact Linux system. The case, though, does not include the Raspberry Pi itself, nor an SSD.

Premier Farnell Says
Premier Farnell boasts that Pi Desktop will turn a Raspberry Pi into a Linux desktop PC. Pi users can say goodbye to Micro SD cards and hard power-offs. The case features an SSD interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectivity, plus proper power switches:
Quote“When combined with the Raspberry Pi, the Pi Desktop provides users with all the functionality they would expect from a standard PC, including WiFi, Bluetooth, a real-time clock, an mSATA solid-state drive interface, an optional camera and a power switch (Solid-State Drive and Raspberry Pi Camera purchased separately).”
Pi Desktop supports up to 1TB storage and onboard power on/off functions, just like a PC:
Quote“The enhanced capabilities offered by the extended SSD memory capability (up to 1 Tbyte) make the system highly robust and reliable, and the ability to boot the Raspberry Pi directly from the SSD leads to a high-speed start-up experience for users. The built-in power switch makes the Pi Desktop easy to operate.”
The Pi Desktop, priced £39.99, is available for pre-order from Element14. However, the case is currently marked as ‘out of stock’. Meanwhile, you can pick up the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for around £30

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