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It's been over a week since Insomnia49 finished, and we're still experiencing PTLD: Post-traumatic LAN Disorder. We miss the sleepless nights, the tired-but-happy faces, the cries of "ALAN" ringing through the halls. We don't miss the hard work, the tired-but-sad faces, and the cries of "ALAN" ringing in our ears as we drift off to sleep. Here's what we've been up to this week:
You Always Remember Your 49th

Insomnia49 is over, but the memories will stay with us forever; mostly because portions of them are stored online in a permanent digital form. You can watch all our video footage from the event on our YouTube channel, and check out all our photos from the event on our Flickr stream. Our visual content team did an amazing job this time round; some of those photos are beautiful. A few of them hideous, but there's a lot of beauty in there too. We've had great feedback, and are taking on-board constructive criticism from all attendees, and we hope that with your continued help, feedback, and photoshops of Wizzo, we can make future events even better. Good times.
Half-Century (Technically Incorrect)

On the horizon, bellowing around like a grizzled sailor, sits Insomnia50 (Nov 29 - Dec 2). It's a big one for us, our "Golden LANniversary" (readers groan across the globe) and we've got a lot of awesome stuff planned behind the scenes. We really want to focus on you guys, the core attendees, the people who make the magic happen... sometimes literally in the Card and Board Games Area. Our Earlier Bird discount has now closed, and we've launched our Early Bird discount... buy tickets now for 20% off for a limited time only to be involved.

Tickets to our smaller, more intimate Stratford-based LAN event StratLAN are currently on sale. Just close your eyes and pretend the summery website wrap is a little more seasonally appropriate. The StratLAN seat picker should be going live at 1800BST later today, so you can make your claims to the throne after then. It's going to be a nice little in-between Insomnia detour, so book your ticket now to avoid booking later.
Let the Games Begin to Begin

In Insomnia50 tournament news, we're happy to announce the following games have a confirmed official tournament presence at Insomnia50:

- League of Legends
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- Team Fortress 2
- Starcraft 2

More tournaments will be confirmed over the coming weeks, as well as sponsorship deals and details for currently announced tournaments. Spoilers: Companies will sponsor the tournaments. There will be prize pools. If you play well enough you might win some stuff. Real talk in the Multiplay Community Newsletter.
It Belongs In a Museum!

We focus a lot on our own in-house events here at Multiplay, but we also do a lot of third party work for others which we're also incredibly proud of. Last Friday the Victoria and Albert Museum in central London put on a one-night show titled Friday Late: The World of Minecraft, and we were asked to help out. For one night only the V&A fused with Minecraft in a series of brilliant interactive exhibits that represented elements of Minecraft within the physical gallery space. We helped out with several of these exhibits, including fan favourite the squid pool. Look at that little guy, he's cute enough to ink! Reports say that the night was extremely well received, and was generally good fun all round, with a steady tick rate and low latency.

That's all for this week. The hype train for Insomnia50 is already boarding passengers, so now is a great time to climb aboard and make use of our Early Bird discounts. Other than that, have a great week, and remember to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for all the latest news. It's for the best.

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