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=TSR= Simo 4th Feb 2015

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Shocking Interview with Nvidia over the GTX 970 Issues

Over the past week we have been talking a lot about Nvidia, from the release of their new GTX 960 GPUs to mobile G-Sync and Nvidia's false specifications for their GTX 970 GPU. This article will be looking further into the latter.

Nvidia has initially lied about the specifications of the GTX 970, with the GPU having 1792KB of L2 Cache instead of 2024KB, 56 ROPs instead of 64 and two separate partitions of GPU VRAM on at full speed (3.5GB) and one which is said to operate at much lower speeds (0.5GB).

Here is a table showing Nvidia's Original Specifications compared to it's real specifications.

Nvidia have screwed up as they have not fully disclosed the true architecture of the GTX 970, and things may have just turned for the worse for Nvidia as an interview with an Nvidia Engineer claims that they have know about it the whole time.

Please watch the whole interview below, what it shows is pretty hard to believe.

BULL3T 5th Feb 2015

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Same with the 980 card? If so, i shall return it!
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