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=TSR= Simo 21st Oct 2013

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Thousands Of Idiots Download GTA V PC Installer, Guess What Happened Next!

Many users are clearly eager to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V, even more so when it comes to the PC. So much so, that thousands of players are willing to download a huge 18GB file that promised to be the game, then install it, then wonder why their computers are pillaged by viruses.
Are these people idiots? No doubt about it! Downloading a torrent of a game that hasn’t even been announced for PC, let alone released is madness. Yet for all their foolishness, these fools were fooled by the best as the torrent in question not only looked like a legit file, but also acted like one. It was verified, has a high SEO ranking (comes out near the top on Google search) and the installer looked legit right up until the last moment when it asks you to fill out your private details on a website in return for a serial key.
SALMON 21st Oct 2013

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lol like sheep to the slaughter

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=TSR= MaJeeKa 22nd Oct 2013

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as a welshman...did some1 mention sheep
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