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=TSR= Simo 30th Apr 2015

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A little tick that could potentially increase frame rates of NVIDIA GeForce users, More noticable on low end systems but you could see upto a 5% fps increase simlpy by stopping the NVIDIA streaming service.

The NVIDIA Streaming service allows you to stream your game to NVIDIA’s Shield console. If you don’t have a Shield console then we see no reason why you should have “nvstreamsvc.exe” running at all times, especially if brings performance down. To disable the service, go into the Windows Services (type “services.msc” in Run), look up the “NVIDIA Streamer Service” and disable it by setting its “start-up type” to “disabled” in the properties. Now just restart your machine. This service is however required for ShadowPlay, but if you use that feature you can set the service for manual start-up.

=TSR= MaJeeKa 1st May 2015

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done...was on automatic
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