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=TSR= Simo 15th Dec 2013

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RTV Season 13

The Road to Victory Tournament will be held once again during the month January / February.. The sign-ups for this 13th Season are open now !

This Tournament will be "Powered by Chillblast"

Information about the Road to Victory Tournament

Most (and other) points can be found in the Tournament Rules.

- Every match will be a different map
- For every fixture, you will have 3 (counter)proposals
- For this Season, every clan will have 1 wildcard
- Clans that no-show for a match are disqualified and removed from the Tournament.

The match arranging system works with Deadlines. Every match for a certain week should be arranged by the friday in the week before. If clans have not come to an agreement, the date set by Eurodomination will stand. However, in the event that only one of the two teams has made any effort in arranging the match (effort is shown by proposing times/dates and posting constructive comments on the fixture page), the the match will be forced to a suitable time/date for the clan that made an effort.


This season is the 13th season of the Road to Victory Tournament.

The competition is to start Monday 20th January with the fixtures available a week before that date (13th of Juanary). The Tournament will run for 7 weeks (7/8 clans per division). One match per week, on predefined maps, against a different opponent each week. Maps are to be announced.

Call of Duty Ghosts will be featured in this Tournament season.

Clan Requirements

Clans that do not fulfil the following criteria will not be selected to participate in the Road to Victory Tournament - Season 13.

- At least 6 members on the clan roster.
- At least 5 matches played in the any of the Eurodomination competitions.
- At least 75% friendliness and 75% punctuality ratings on the clan profile.
- Banned clans will not be allowed to enter.

Clans that were disqualified from season 12 of the Tournament are not eligible for season 13 of the Tournament.

Interest Checks

- Call of Duty Ghosts HC S&D
- Call of Duty Ghosts SC S&D

Prizes sponsored by Chillblast!
To be announced on a later stage.

Signing up

Signups are open now!!!

Before the competition can officially start, we need all clans to sign-up for the relevant groups they wish to compete in. The "Interest Check" groups for signing up are now open and available on the Competition Signup page.

The Tournament groups will be created before the 13th of January. Signups are open for the next 5 weeks.

Those gametypes that don't have at least 7 clans signed up will not become active for the coming season. In the event that there are too many signups and not enough spaces for any game/gametype then we will use a first-come first-server basis entry for all teams that fit the requirements. Selection order: Active, New, Inactive, Old

Tell your friends and other clans that this competition is up, the more the merrier !

I hope everyone will enjoy the competition !
=TSR= MaJeeKa 16th Dec 2013

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some1 needs to start chasing members....i joined this clan for 2 reasons

1 : to play in the bo2 cup <<< didnt happen

2 : to play ghosts on edom <<<< not happening

i hate publics...prefer playing wars
SALMON 17th Dec 2013

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need members to join public or training to get to know the maps and learn tactics you can not learn ghost maps just by playing matches

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Frecker 17th Dec 2013

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See how yous get on and who turns up for the inter clan on Tuesday.

=TSR= Simo 17th Dec 2013

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Ive spoken to several members and there are enough people for 2 teams wanting to play ghosts matches both Team 1 and Team 2 will be signed up for the edom cup.
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