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Hailing from the developers at CI Games, Enemy Front is currently in development for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is already shaping up to be a rather gorgeous looking title. The developers have just revealed three brand new screenshots for the game and its looking like another fine example of just what CryEngine can do.
You play the role of a US war correspondent called Robert Hawkins, you’ve joined the Resistance in Europe and engage with the Nazi forces in locations such as France, Germany and Norway. CI Games say that the gameplay will be what you make of it, with a slightly more open world approach to the genre than is common place. Make of the gameplay what you want of it, if you want to play the game from the perspective of a sniper, you can, but if you want to go in like Rambo, guns blazing and up close and personal then you can do that too. Even better, you can stealth the game and pick off your enemies one by one from behind, which is certainly a big change of pace to your common WWII FPS. ... A.jpg
There are many benefits brought to the game thanks to CryEngine, so you can expect destructible environments, open-ended levels and advanced AI. On top of that you can expect around 10 hours in the campaign and then enjoy 12 player multiplayer. ... 9.jpg
Enjoy the screenshots and keep your eyes peeled for more information from CI Games later in the year.
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