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=TSR= Simo 30th Jul 2013

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Second Division S&D

And now finally onto my favourite division the Second Division. No new faces here – TXG, S-Spot, TSR. TSR 2 RA and TG and KK*2 just a surprise defection from 8th into TSR by no one else but Mr Freckles himself – after countless games for the 8th the swap surprised quite a few people but with 8th not participating can you blame him? This meant that TSR took my title as favorites and were subsequently jinxed for the top spot. Yet they fought valiantly against the jinx and barring a final week loss to TXG strolled to victory grabbing the title. So TSR grabbed the title with a revamped and stronger TXG (thanks Hades) grabbing the second placed spot
Perhaps more surprisingly we had a shock with one of the KK clans failing to record even a single victory in an entire season – don’t think that’s happened before as KK*2 fell down in front of every clan including G-Spot who recorded 2 wins this season compared to 0 in last seasons. That led to Fr$g taking 3rd, RA 4th TA 5th G-Spot 6th TSR 2 7th and with just a single point KK8” 7th – its not often I can report on others team taking last place so I’m going to make the most of it.
So congrats again to TSR – will you be staying Freckles or moving back now TSR will go up a division and the fights get harder

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Akayashi 30th Jul 2013

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=TSR= Tatman 30th Jul 2013

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nice post m8 and congrats to all...
=TSR= TREBOR 30th Jul 2013

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