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=TSR= Simo 21st Jan 2014

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A new device dubbed Immersion is an integrated biometrics headset that is designed to curb gamers rage. The headset works via optical pulse sensors built into the earpieces that can record the user’s heart rate while gaming. The information is then syncs over Bluetooth with a compatible game and adjusts the difficulty accordingly. If the sensors notice your heart rate is too high it will lower the difficulty in real-time making the game easier for the gamer. On the flip side, if your heart rate is calm the game will stay at its current difficulty level. The end results should be less gamers rage.

This sounds interesting, but I usually only experience gamers rage when playing online and it would be impossible for this headset to change the difficulty of an online game because instead of AI you are dealing with real people. The adjusting difficulty level will also take some of the challenge out of games, but I guess the less controllers getting thrown at TVs the better.
Rambo 22nd Jan 2014

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lol how will that work on cod if your getting owned, will it give you a bigger gun hehe

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