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July 1st Jul 2014

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Hi All,

Only popped onto TS a couple of times as I so maybe should just put a few words here

Name is William

Been playing CoD games for a few years now on and off, but also play wow and previously in a reasonably hi ranked guild (top 200)

Im now playing less wow and more CoD...

Started in fps games around 2003, playing then MoH spearhead and was a fonding officer in [NER] now long dead but then a pretty large guild (200plus playing members and about 15 servers)

Still love fps gaming as its my release from a tough day at work

Im 49 married with sprog, who is into minecraft....

Im playing a fair bit of CoD Black Ops on THR's server and also queuing for Black Ops 2 and Ghost a fair bit - dont think Ive come across any of you online yet! And have zip knowledge how grouping works as not played in a clan since maybe 2008 - advice welcome !!

Cu all soon

ps below piccy was from NER days - Im at the front and that was my team in a two team laser fight in some belgium woods...which we lost! - But I did shoot the Mrs in the head so was some good points!

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=TSR= Pezza 1st Jul 2014

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Welcome to the clan mate, Hope you enjoy your time here..

=TSR= Simo 1st Jul 2014

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Hi july, Welcome to TSR Get yourself on teamspeak, most evening around 8pm there is some sort of BO2 match going on.
=TSR= TREBOR 2nd Jul 2014

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we are not as active as we were with cod games, but alas that's down to the ladders stopping support for it.we are looking into new games to play wars in the clan.as for ideas for you. Well just pop on and talk shite like most on ts lol

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