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TSR is a UK based multi gaming clan formed by seasoned PC players who play for fun, as well as competitively.
We are always looking to recruite new members aged 18+ to join our team.
If you would like to apply to join TSR, please register on our website then fill in an application form.
We hope to see you soon.

Battlefront 2 beta
3rd Oct · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Star Wars Battlefront II

Early Access begin Oct 4 at 8:00 AM UTC. Open to All Oct 6 at 8:00 AM UTC. Beta closes Oct 9 at 4:00 PM UTC.

25th Sep · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

The PC beta for Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer mode is now available to pre-load on Steam.

Story trailer
18th Sep · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Call of Duty: WWII PC Multiplayer beta
15th Sep · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Fifa 18 demo on origin
13th Sep · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

FIFA 18 demo goes live over on origin

The Division Free Weekend
13th Sep · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

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The Silent Rangers is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.


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=TSR= Simo 15th Oct
Very nice
=TSR= Boots 15th Oct
yeah mate, 17 7700k, asus tuf mark 1, ddr4
=TSR= Whoopass 14th Oct
fart bottlers!!!
=TSR= Simo 14th Oct
post on our facebook page boot, more people look at that. You had an upgrade?
=TSR= Boots 13th Oct
anybody intrested in i5 4690k, maximus ranger mobo, 16gb ram DDR3 just thought id ask before put on ebay
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